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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our Annual Recital will be held on Saturday June 9th at the UNF Lazzarra Theater! As we prepare for this exciting event please take a moment to look over our 2018 Recital Packet. This will be filled with lots of important information as well as optional order forms (pay close attention to deadlines).

Attendance is at the utmost importance moving forward until recital. We understand that family emergencies and illnesses are unavoidable, but please contact our office via email if your dancer will not be in attendance! We are so proud of each and every dancer and how far they have come this year! Let’s have a great show!

Recital tickets will go on sale May 9th(exactly one month prior to Recital). Your recital fee’s must be paid to receive your dancers complimentary ticket code. You will receive an email with your discount code and the link to our online ticketing system. Should you have any problems we will direct you to the TutuTix customer service and they will be more than happy to help!

If you should have any questions about any of this packet please email or call the studio directly!

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Recital

We ask that no female dancer wear underwear for their performance! Dance costumes and tights are designed to cover your dancers the same as underwear. It is a good idea to start practicing now and send your dancer to class in her dancewear without underwear! A tip from a mom- “Explain it like she’s wearing a bathing suit” For dancers still potty training we understand that diapers and pull-ups may still be worn.

Stage lights are very bright and are designed to really spotlight the dancers. Stage lighting can make your dancers expressions and facial features more difficult to see (especially in photos and videos). We strongly recommend light makeup on all of our younger dancers! For young dancers we suggest only light brown eyeshadow, light pink blush, shiny lip gloss, and a few swipes of mascara! Please no blue/green/purple eyeshadows, eyeliners, or dark lipsticks. For older dancers please use slightly darker stage makeup such as eyeliner, burgundy lipstick, dark brown eyeshadow, and blush! A tip from a mom- “I think of it the one special day my little one is allowed to wear some of mommies special makeup”

To prevent any distractions from their big day we please ask that you limit your dancer to only wearing stud earrings. No bracelets, necklaces, rings, or dangly earrings! If your dancer does not have pierced ears, no worries! This will help have a distraction free performance!

When costumes go home (during parent week) please keep them hung in a safe place! Prevent playing dress up in your costume until after recital is finished! We are not able to order a new costume for recital if one becomes damaged!

Snacks and clear drinks are allowed in the backstage area. It is a good idea to pack lots of snacks and activities for your dancer to enjoy while waiting backstage. Unless you purchase a ticket for your dancer to watch the show they must remain backstage as UNF does not allow lap sitting. Robes, oversized t-shirts, and other clothing that can button up the front are a great for your dancer to eat snacks and not spill or stain on their costume! Toys and coloring books are also helpful for backstage. If your dancer has a tablet or any kind of electronic please label their device with their first and last name. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

The most important tip of all- Be Positive! If you have any problems come to any of the 1014 Staff so we can assist. But if you keep a positive attitude throughout the day your dancer will have a positive outcome! They have worked hard all year and we want them to have the best day ever!

University of North Florida Theater Rules

No food or drink inside the Lazzarra theater – Water is allowed

Absolutely no alcohol on the premises- this includes parking lots, garages, lobby, theater, backstage, and dressing rooms.

No lap sitting- due to fire safety laws all aisles and rows must remain clear

Strollers may not be brought into the auditorium but infants may be held during the performance and do not need to have a seat purchased.


No flash photography or videography

Recital Rehearsals

We have asked all of our Studio 1014 families participating in recital to reserve the week of June 4th-7th for in studio recital rehearsals! These rehearsals will NOT be in costume and we ask for all dancers to be in attendance in preparation for June 9th.

June 4th – 4:30-6:15 Act 1 Rehearsal 6:15-7:30 Act 2 Rehearsal

June 5th – 4:30-6:15 Act 1 Rehearsal 6:15-7:30 Act 2 Rehearsal

June 6th- 4:30-6:15 Act 1 Rehearsal 6:15-7:30 Act 2 Rehearsal

June 7th – 4:30-6:15 Act 1 Rehearsal 6:15-7:30 Act 2 Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal will be held at UNF on June 9th. Dancers are asked to wear makeup, have hair done, and bring all costume needs to this rehearsal.

10:00 am Call Time/Arrive @ UNF

10:15-10:30 Meeting in the theater with Ms. Cathy

10:45 am Dress Rehearsal Begins

5:00 pm Call Time/Sign in

6:00 pm Recital Begins

*All rehearsals are mandatory

*Please notify the office immediately in the event of your dancer being unable to participate in Rehearsal

*Snacks may be packed for in-studio rehearsal but will need to remain in cubbies outside of the ballroom

*Water only is permitted in the ballroom

*You are not required to stay in the studio for the duration of the rehearsals-Studio 1014 will not dismiss any dancers without a parent/guardian in attendance.

2018 Recital T-Shirts

Please fill out this form and submit payment no later than May 17th if you are interested in ordering a Recital T-shirt! Orders may also be placed on our website through PayPal! Shirts will be 100% cotton.

2018 Recital Trophy

Every year Studio 1014 likes to recognize dancers who have been dancing 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, or 13 years consecutively with us! Please fill out this form and circle the number of years your dancer has been with us in the payment section and Studio 1014 will provide your dancers trophy! If your dancer has been with us for 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 years and you would like to purchase a trophy and/or a medal for your dancer please fill out the form below and return by May 10th! All trophies will be presented at our end of the year awards celebration!

$25 per trophy

$5 per medal

Flower Order Form

Would you like to shower your dancer with flowers for their wonderful performance? Orders must be placed by May 19th! Bouquets will be an assortment of multicolored roses! Different size options available. Flowers may be picked up in the lobby on the day of Recital!

2018 Recital Book and Ads

Good Luck Ads- Families are welcome to place good luck ads to their dancers in our 2018 Recital Book!

Business Ads- We encourage families and friends to place ads to help promote their businesses and wish their favorite dancers good luck!

Ad Orders are due May 19th!

Portrait Ad (Picture & Name only)- $46

Quarter Page Ad-$81

Half Page Ad-$127

Full Page Ad(includes 2 photos & free recital book)-$189

Photos for ads will be selected from our in-studio Picture Week-more details to follow!